Public vs Private

All of our camera systems have two settings. The Public Mode setting causes the camera to broadcast its live video directly to your web site. Everyone in the world can then see all the live action going on in your business simply by visiting your web site as they normally would with no password required.

The Private Mode setting is used for security and surveillance applications. Access to the camera is restricted to only those users you want to see the live video. Each user is granted access by you with their own name and password for maximum protection.

Digital Image Quality

iWATCHLiVE.COM uses only the highest quality digital web cameras and video surveillance devices. This allows us to deliver broadcast quality video in any situation. Whether our cameras are mounted indoors or outdoors in a weather proof housing, our systems maintain unsurpassed image quality in both bright day light and low light level conditions. So no matter what your specific application requires, your image quality is never compromised.

System Performance

iWATCHLiVE.COMís camera systems are complete stand alone solutions that do not require a PC to operate. This eliminates the common computer related problems such as crashes, security breaches & user errors. Our camera systems can also be monitored with many types of internet access; from high speed connections like DSL or Cable to your standard phone line dial-up connection like AOL. Our cameras provide superior frame rate and system performance to handle your most demanding application.

Covert Accessories

All of our camera systems can be outfitted with the newest and most advanced covert surveillance equipment. iWATCHLiVE.COM carries a complete line of Covert Cameras & Accessories including: mini spy cams, smoked dome cams, pan/tilt/zoom cams, wireless cams & receivers, lens options & more.

Also, if you have an existing security system, our video servers can stream the same live images over the Internet without needing to buy new cameras.

Simple & User Friendly

iWATCHLiVE.COM handles every step in the process to get your new camera system up and running at your location. All that is left for you to do is monitor the live action, and we have made this as simple as possible. You just go to our web site, enter your name & password and select the camera feed you wish to view. Itís just that easy! Even the most inexperienced computer users will find our camera systems Simple to work and very User Friendly.



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