iWATCHLiVE.COM offers full-service Digital Archiving

Digital Archiving is the process of capturing and storing images from your live Web Cam for future review. The benefits of Digital Archiving are very powerful for many applications especially for security and surveillance type uses.  Imagine being able to go back in time and look at the 'action' you missed in your business while you took the day off fishing, or see just who went in and out of your home while you were out of town or even have the ability to see who was in your office when a particular event happened several months ago... These dreams can become a simple reality with iWATCHLiVE.COM's Digital Archiving solutions.

If you require a more hands-on solution, we can also permanently burn the time stamped images from your web cams onto CD and send them to you on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

iWATCHLiVE.COM offers Digital Archiving to fit any application. 




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